Top 10 dog behaviors and what they mean

Explaining dog behavior

Dogs have all sorts of behaviors, some are easy to understand, while others can be a bit tricky. But if you want to have a great bond with your furry friend, it’s important to know what these behaviors mean and how to understand their body language.

1. Paw up

Friends did you know that if your furry buddy raises his paws, he might be asking for something or just wanting to play. This is especially common with younger pups. When they were little, they would raise their paws and touch their mom when they wanted to suckle milk. So, if your doggo raises his paws to touch you, it’s a sign that he loves you. How cute is that.

2. Shaking head

Friends did you know that when a dog is feeling relieved from tension, he’ll often shake his head. It’s true. And not only that, but dogs also tend to shake their heads after being aggressive or alert. Oh, and here’s a fun fact – if a dog is eagerly waiting for something, you might also see him shake his head in anticipation. Cool, huh.

3. licking the lips

Friends did you know that when a dog licks his lips, it could be a sign that he’s feeling a bit stressed or unsure. It’s like their way of saying, “Hmm, I’m not quite sure about this.” But here’s something interesting – sometimes, this lip-licking can actually mean that your furry friend is feeling a little frisky. Oh, and if you notice your pup licking the lips of other dogs, it’s a clear signal that he’s not quite ready to be best buds with them just yet. Don’t worry though, this behavior is pretty common, especially among adorable little puppies.

4. Panting

Is your furry buddy feeling a bit too warm or experiencing a heatstroke. No worries, it’s totally normal for dogs to pant when they need to cool down. Sometimes, dogs might even pant to ease any pain or stress they might be feeling. So, if you notice your four-legged pal panting, just remember that they’re trying to find some relief. Keep an eye on them and make sure they stay cool and relaxed.

5. Growling

If your furry friend lets out a little growl, with or without a bark, it means they’re just being protective, territorial, or feeling threatened. But be careful, because if they get too worked up, they might become aggressive and end up attacking someone or another animal. On the other hand, if your dog gives off a gentle growl, it could mean they’re just being alert, a bit anxious, feeling content, or even in a playful mood. So, pay attention to their growls and try to understand what they’re trying to communicate.

6. Yawning

When a dog feels stressed or threatened, he may let out a big yawn to help himself relax and release some tension. It’s his way of saying, “Hey, I need a breather.” Sometimes, if a dog is feeling confused, tired, or even a little scared, he might yawn as well. It’s like his body’s natural way of trying to calm himself down. Oh, and guess what. Dogs can also yawn when they meet other furry friends! It’s their way of saying.

7. Flapping ears

Just wanted to give you a heads up about your furry friend. When your dog starts flicking his ears, it’s actually a sign that he’s just listening intently. It’s pretty common for animals to do this when they hear a sound they’re not familiar with. So, if you notice your adorable buddy flicking his ears back and forth, don’t worry. He’s just trying to catch every little detail of that intriguing sound. It’s his way of making sure he hears it crystal clear. Isn’t that fascinating. Keep an eye out for those cute ear flicks.

8. Barking and screaming

If your furry friend starts barking loudly and quickly, it could mean he’s feeling a bit aggressive or senses something dangerous. On the other paw, if he lets out a short and gentle bark, it’s a sign that he’s friendly and just wants to have some fun. But hey, if you hear a sudden and sharp yelp, it’s important to know that your precious pup is in pain and might need some extra love and care. Remember, understanding your dog’s barks can help you better understand what he’s trying to tell you.

9. Bending Over

When a dog wants to play, they do a cute thing called a play bow. They lower their chest and head to the ground while keeping their rear body up. Some dogs even swing their hips and wag their tails to show how excited they are.

10. Stretching

When your furry friend stretches, it’s their way of showing love and playfulness. So, if you’ve been away and come home to see them stretching, it’s a sure sign that they’re happy to see you. Most of the time, dogs stretch with their front or back body close to the ground.

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